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What is BagDrop?

First of its kind service in Iceland that specializes in the secure transportation and check-in of personal luggage to the airport in strict accordance with airline and national transportation authority regulations


1. Choose your desired time for luggage pick-up


2. Pack your luggage as you normally would with airline and destination restrictions in mind


3. Have your luggage, valid travel document(s), and boarding pass(es) ready for our BagDrop driver at your chosen location and time

Why choose BagDrop?

We have 25 years of experience in the transportation of valuable goods with the backing of up-to-date industry knowledge, technology, and expertise


Start your trip at your doorstep

You travel easily with Iceland's first bag transportation service


Luggage transportation is our business

We ensure professional, secure, and efficient customer service

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Price list

Car rental

One luggage

6880 ISK


Two luggage

7960 ISK


Every luggage after the second

1320 ISK

Popular questions

The cost of using Bag drop depends on several factions, such as:
  • How many bags you're checking-in
You can use the pricing calculator on our homepage ( Simply enter the number of bags you are checking in.

We have no limit as to how many bags we can check in for you. The maximum number depends on your airline's allowance or how many additional bags you have paid for.

Contact our customer service with either email at or by phone: 5302444

If you decide not to fly, you are able to cancel your existing booking by contacting our customer services with either email at or by phone: 530-2444. Bookings can be amended or cancelled free-of-charge, up to 2 hours before the start of your collection slot